Jenkins Special Interest Groups

This page lists active Jenkins Special Interest Groups (SIGs). See JEP-4 for more information about SiGs and the process for creating new ones.

Chinese Localization

The Chinese Localization group of contributors and collaborators focuses on improving Jenkins experience for Chinese users. The scope covered include: Jenkins Core and plugins, official website. Welcome aboard!

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Cloud Native

The Cloud Native group of contributors and collaborators focuses on improving Jenkins to run on Cloud environments as a "Cloud Native" application. The improvements are targeted at both existing and new Jenkins users that use, or would prefer to use, Jenkins deployed in one of the cloud providers, or using cloud services for their operation.

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Google Summer of Code

This special interest group organizes Google Summer of Code in the Jenkins organization. Scope of work includes coordinating GSoC and working with potentials mentors and students in order to form GSoC project teams.

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Pipeline Authoring

This special interest group aims to improve and curate the experience of authoring Jenkins Pipelines. This includes the syntax of `Jenkinsfile`s and shared libraries, code sharing and reuse, testing of Pipelines and shared libraries, IDE integration and other development tools, documentation, best practices, and examples.

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This special interest group offers a venue for all kinds of platform support discussions: Java, Operating Systems, Architectures, Docker, Packaging, Web Containers, etc. The SIG works on defining platform support policies, coordinating platform support efforts with contributors and external communities, and reviewing proposals in the area.

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