This special interest group improves Jenkins use and adoption through documentation. The SIG encourages, creates, and reviews documentation contributions and improves documentation with contributors and external communities.

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The SIG offers a venue for all kinds of documentation creation, improvement, and delivery.

The group focuses on documentation for Jenkins and Jenkins X, including:

Documentation SIG may cooperate with other groups. For example, we will be cooperating with the Cloud-Native Jenkins SIG on topics related to Cloud-Native documentation efforts and with the Platform SIG. on platform topics.


  • Creating new documentation

  • Improving existing documentation

  • Reviewing documentation contributions

  • Coordinating documentation initiatives

  • Reviewing Jenkins Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) related to documentation

Ongoing projects

See the SIG meeting notes for more information about ongoing projects.


We have regular meetings on Fridays every two weeks, at 1PM UTC. See the Jenkins Event Calendar for the schedule. At these meetings we discuss projects and do presentations/demos. You can find and contribute to the agenda for the incoming meetings here.

Meetings are conducted and recorded using Zoom. Participant links are posted in the SIG Gitter Chat 10 minutes before the meeting starts.


Initial organizing meeting

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