User Experience


The User Experience SIG focuses on improving the Jenkins' user interface and user experience. The SIG seeks regular feedback from the community on the current UI and UX and new designs proposed by SIG members and others. We will discuss alternatives, identify compromises, and test implementations to improve the Jenkins UI / UX.

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An overview of the Jenkins UX SIG documentation can be found by following this link.


  • Reviewing new UI proposals

  • Discussing UI frameworks

  • Discussing impact of UI changes to existing plugins

Slack Channel

The UX SIG uses Slack as the primary way to discuss any relevant topics. The channel used for this is #jenkins-ux-sig on the CDF Slack group. You can join the Slack channel via this link.


If you want to contribute we recommend that you join the Jenkins UX SIG. You can find details of when the next meetings are planned in the Jenkins Calendar or via #jenkins-ux-sig on the CDF Slack group.

Ongoing projects

The first UX SIG project is revamping the Jenkins UI look and feel. The initial focus will be based on CSS changes. Once this project has been completed, a more thorough rewrite of the Jenkins UI will be planned.


We have regular meetings on Wednesday every two weeks, at 4PM UTC. See the Jenkins Event Calendar for the schedule. At these meetings we discuss projects, share presentations, and demonstrate new capabilities. Meetings are conducted and recorded using Zoom and are archived to the Jenkins YouTube channel in the Jenkins UX SIG YouTube playlist.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting agendas and meeting notes for the SIG are posted in this Google Document. Anyone is welcome to add a topic for an upcoming meeting by suggesting a change in the agenda.

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