Pipeline: Milestone Step

milestone: The milestone step forces all builds to go through in order

By default, Pipeline builds can run concurrently.

The milestone step forces all builds to go through in order, so an older build will never be allowed pass a milestone (it is aborted) if a newer build already passed it.

In general this step grants:

  • Builds pass milestones in order (taking the build number as sorter field).
  • Older builds will not proceed (they are aborted) if a newer one already passed the milestone.
  • When a build passes a milestone, any older build that passed the previous milestone but not this one is aborted.
  • Once a build passes the milestone, it will never be aborted by a newer build that didn't pass the milestone yet.


An optional ordinal for the milestone. It is autogenerated if not explicitly set.

Setting explicit milestone ordinals grants that each milestone can be univocally identified across builds even when script changes are made during a previous build. If you plan to add or remove milestone steps while there are running builds and trigger new builds before the previous ones finished, then you should set explicit milestone ordinals. Otherwise, let the step autogenerate them as it runs.

Type: int

label (optional)

A label for the milestone. It's shown in the build log metadata.

Type: String