Pipeline Dependency Walker Plugin

walk: Execute a pipeline task for the job and all its downstream jobs.

Triggers a new task for a given job and all maven-dependent jobs.
Name of a downstream job to build. May be another Pipeline job, but more commonly a freestyle or other project. Use a simple name if the job is in the same folder as this upstream Pipeline job; otherwise can use relative paths like ../sister-folder/downstream or absolute paths like /top-level-folder/nested-folder/downstream.

Type: String

failOnUnstable (optional)
If failOnUnstable is true than the action would be performed only if all the related jobs have latest build successful.

Type: boolean

jobAction (optional)
Action to be performed on jobs. Use JOB_NAME keyword to refer to a job.
If the field is empty then jobs would be build, e.i. empty value will be replaced by build 'JOB_NAME'

Type: String