Pipeline Authoring


This special interest group aims to improve and curate the experience of authoring Jenkins Pipelines. This includes the syntax of `Jenkinsfile`s and shared libraries, code sharing and reuse, testing of Pipelines and shared libraries, IDE integration and other development tools, documentation, best practices, and examples.

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This special interest group focuses on improving Jenkins Pipelines and the experience of authoring a Jenkins Pipeline.

Focus Areas

  • Syntax - How `Jenkinsfile`s and shared libraries are written.

  • Code sharing and reuse - Shared libraries and future improvements.

  • Testing - Unit and functional testing of `Jenkinsfile`s and shared libraries.

  • IDE integration, editors, and other development tools - IDE plugins, visual editors, etc.

  • Documentation - Reference documentation, tutorials, and more.

  • Best practices - Defining, maintaining, and evanglizing best practices in Jenkins Pipeline.

  • Examples - Real-world `Jenkinsfile`s and shared libraries demonstrating how to utilize various features of Pipeline, as well as basic or starter `Jenkinsfile`s for common patterns that can be used as jumping-off points by new users.


The target aduience are anyone who are interested to join the effort of improving and/or curating the experience of writing Jenkins Pipelines. As such, anyone with interest to either (or both) join our SIG meetings or our Gitter channel are welcome to participate!

Gitter channel (gitter: jenkinsci/pipeline-authoring-sig)

While any and all with questions wrt. writing a Jenkins Pipeline are welcome in our Gitter channel, we ask that the question has been researched some before it’s brought to us. Indeed, there are multiple blog posts and guides on the internet discussing how both to ask a question in a constructive manner, and how to reply constructively.

Some examples of such posts/guides:

The below FAQ lists typical issues and answers that it would be greatly appreciated any inquisitive person headed for our Gitter channel checks out before asking their question.


Coming soon…​


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm UTC. Links to the SIG meetings are announced in the Gitter channel and in the mailing list.

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