Jenkins in Google Summer of Code 2019

In 2019 we plan to apply to Google Summer of Code. This page contains only the 2019-specific information. See the main GSoC page for the actual information.

Project ideas

See the list of current project ideas here. You can also propose your own project for GSoC.

Call for mentors

We continuously look for mentors and project ideas. You can propose your project at any time.

Official 2019 guidelines have not been published yet, but there is a HOWTO: Propose a project idea page with guidelines. Reach out to us using the GSoC contacts if you are interested.

Org admins

GSoC Organization admins in 2019:

Jenkins Org Admins mailing list: Use this mailing list if you need to discuss something privately with org admins. For all other use-cases, use public contacts listed here.