Google Summer of Code

Jenkins GSoC

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual, international, program which encourages college-aged students to participate with open source projects during the summer break between classes.

Students accepted into the program receive a stipend, paid by Google, to work well-defined projects to improve or enhance the Jenkins project. In exchange, numerous Jenkins community members volunteer as "mentors" for students to help integrate them into the open source community and succeed in completing their summer projects.

GSoC 2018

Jenkins project participates in Google Summer of Code 2018.


Current state: students and mentors discuss project ideas. We are ready to accept new project ideas from mentors till March 05. Student application phase starts on March 12.


Office hours

In addition to chat and mailing lists, we will have regular video calls in Google Hangouts (link).

Schedule: To be announced soon

During these timeslots Jenkins GSoC admins and mentors will be also available on the #jenkins IRC channel

Mentors and org admins

The mentors team is being formed now. See GSoC 2018 Project ideas for the list of potential mentors.

Organization admins:

Previous years