This is a guest post by Mark Waite, who maintains the git plugin, the git client plugin, and is a technical evangelist for CloudBees, Inc.

While developing the "Intro to Plugin Development" workshop for Jenkins World 2017, I was impressed by the many Jenkins plugin development videos, tutorials, and guides. Here are some of my favorite plugin development topics and links.

Plugin tutorial videos

Plugin tutorial pages

  • Tutorial on

    • Install a Java Development kit, for example AdoptOpenJDK 8 or 11

    • Install the latest maven release

    • Install your IDE (I like Netbeans, has the Jenkins/Stapler plugin to make plugin creation as easy as menu:File[New Project > Maven > Jenkins Plugin])

More details

Many of the Jenkins plugin development topics have dedicated pages of their own, including user interface, plugin testing, and javadoc.

User interface

Testing a plugin

Custom build steps


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About the Author
Mark Waite

Mark is a long-time Jenkins user and contributor. He maintains the git plugin and the git client plugin and is active in Jenkins special interest groups.