Donate to Jenkins

You can donate directly through the SPI donation page (donation in USD) or via the donation page (donation in EUR) if you do not need the context below

The Jenkins project is affiliated with Software in the Public Interest, a non-profit organization. Via SPI we can accept donations online in USD. For other ways to donate, refer to the donations page on the SPI website.

For European residents, we can also accept donations through via bank transfer in EUR. As is a charitable association, this donation is tax deductible in Germany.

If you donate via, please write to donation[at] to ensure that your donation will be earmarked for the Jenkins project.

Why donate?

Your contributions help us keep Jenkins going by paying project expenses, such as:

Operating expenses:

  • SSL certificates on our websites

  • Covering network transit costs (not including that incurred by mirrors)

  • Equipment/replacement hardware

A portion of contributions help fund SPI, Inc, which acts as the legal umbrella organization for holding copyrights, etc.

Your contribution is not used for paying personnel.

Friend of Jenkins

In showing our appreciation, we’ll send out a special "friend of Jenkins" plugin to those who have donated at least 25 USD / 25 EUR. This plugin adds a little icon in the footer section, telling that you are a friend of Jenkins. You can install this to your Jenkins to show off that you’ve helped us.