Publishing Experimental Plugin Releases

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To simplify delivery of beta versions of plugins to interested users, the Jenkins project published an experimental update center. It will include alpha and beta versions of plugins, which aren’t usually included in the regular update sites.

Creating Experimental Plugin Releases

Plugin releases that contain alpha or beta in their version number will only show up in the experimental update site. Note that it also serves regular releases, so the release of version 1.4 will result in 1.3-beta-2 no longer being available.

Configuring Jenkins to Use Experimental Update Center

Users who are interested in downloading experimental plugin releases can go to Plugin Manager, then to the Advanced tab, and configure the update center URL Submit, and then select Check Now. Experimental plugin updates will be marked as such on the Available and Updates tabs of the Plugin Manager.

Once you install the beta plugins that you wanted, you can switch back to the default update center URL.