I would like to write about two last Jenkins Meetups in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Meetup #3. Jenkins Administration (May 20, 2016)

In May we had a meetup about Jenkins administration techniques. At this meetup we were talking about common Jenkins ecosystem components like custom update centers, tool repositories and generic jobs.


Meetup #4. IT Global Meetup (July 23, 2016)

In Saint Petersburg there is a regular gathering of local IT communities. This IT Global Meetup is a full-day event, which provides an opportunity to dozens of communities and hundreds of visitors to meet at a single place.

On July 23rd our local Jenkins community participated in the eight’s global meetup. We conduced 2 talks in main tracks and also had a round table in the evening.


  • Oleg Nenashev, CloudBees, "About Jenkins 2 and future plans"

    • Oleg provided a top-level overview about changes in Jenkins, shared insights about upgrading to the new Jenkins 2.7.1 LTS and talked about Jenkins plans

    • Presentation (rus)

  • Aleksandr Tarasov, Alfa-Laboratory, "Continuous Delivery with Jenkins: Lessons learned"

After the talks we had a roundtable about Jenkins (~10 Jenkins experts). Oleg provided an overview of Docker and Configuration-as-Code features available in Jenkins, and then we talked about common use-cases in Jenkins installations. We hope to finally organize a "Jenkins & Docker" meetup at some point.


If you have any questions, all speakers can be contacted via Jenkins RU Gitter Chat.


The events have been organized with help from CloudBees, EMC and organizers of the St. Petersburg IT Global Meetup.

About the Author
Oleg Nenashev

R&D and Automation engineer with Hardware/Embedded background. He started using Hudson/Jenkins in 2008 and became an active contributor in 2012. Oleg maintains Jenkins core, Remoting and several plugins. He organizes events like Jenkins meetups and GSoC in the community. Nowadays Oleg works at CloudBees on making Jenkins cloud-native.