Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Steven Christou. Many of you might know me on IRC as schristou, my github id as christ66, or my twitter handle @schristou88. In Jenkins, I am currently working on some significant improvements to the subversion-plugin, along with various random bug fixes. I am also the current maintainer of Cobertura, an open source code coverage tool for java. Prior to working on Jenkins, I was working on Hudson at the Eclipse Foundation.

While working on Jenkins, I usually get requests (usually in IRC) about where to start when writing a plugin. Some examples are "Where do I start?" or "Do you have any examples?". Well at JUC Boston, I will be hosting a small lecture called Get Drunk on the Code! I will be giving the lecture in the rooms "Back Bay" (1 & 2) where people will be able to sit down, drink a beer, and learn how to write a Jenkins plugin! I will be teaching people everything from how to get started, to some advanced techniques like writing a new CLI Command, and writing your own builder. I forgot to mention that I will be handing out beer while this is happening!

This session will be happening after the exhibit break from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. It will be two hours where I will be walking around, and helping users if they encounter any issues while the session is happening. So grab your laptop, a beer and get drunk on the code! Don't get too drunk, but if you do at least you can improve the beer plugin!"