Just like the last year, we are running a survey this year, to get some objective insights into what our users would like to see in the project. Obviously, the developers in the project deal with individual bug reports and feature requests all the time, but sometimes those day-to-day issues distract you from a bigger picture.

This year, we kept some of the questions the same, so that we can see the trend. But we also discussed what we wanted to ask among ourselves and revised some more.

The tricky thing about being an open-source project is that it's not like some of us can actually decide what we'll be working on — in the end it's up to individual contributors to decide what they want to work on. So I can't make promises, but in a way, that's precisely why we'd like to get these objective, measurable, quantitative feedbacks. It lets us discuss how to solve the problem, instead of spending time discussing what the problem is.

Last year, we've heard loud and clear that people wanted to see some UI improvements. So a bunch of us sit down at FOSDEM, picked up several key UI improvements, and we've actually delivered on those. This year I hope to do the same.

The survey will close at the end of October, and if you participate, you'll get to see the results first. As an added incentive, CloudBees had pitched in a $100 Amazon gift card. So please let your voice be heard. About the Author

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Kohsuke is the creator of Jenkins.